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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

BSL Taster session on 29 July 2008 enjoyed by all!

Well, what fun we had on the BSL taster session on 29 July 2008 in Newbury.

There were five people attending who all had sign names by the end of the session!
What is a sign name?

In the Deaf community, everyone has a sign name....this is a word/sign that reflects your character, personality or maybe a hobby or interest that you have. This basically saves the time that it would take to spell the persons name every time.

The sign names that our groups had were: smiley, trampoline, sewing, clarinet and boat!

We have another session on 20 August 7 - 9pm in Newbury, if you are interested get in touch:

email: training@terptree.co.uk
mobile: 07968 969 488

Come have fun and learn sign language with terptree!

1 comment:

SarahMack said...

It was good fun, and I feel good that I can communicate with a deaf person (albeit very basic); I hope you get more interest from Jo Public, in future courses as it all helps to improve our communities.