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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

SignTranslate and terptree work together

terptree are excited to be working with SignTranslate offering online interpreting.

As of June 2008, over 5, 000 GP practices in the UK will have access to an icon on their desktop that will allow them to use online interpreting services.

Online interpreting is where an interpreter is based remotely at home with a webcam and a Deaf person can use a webcam that the GP has set-up in their office to access interpreting services.

This means that if a Deaf person needs to see a Doctor immediately, there is an interpreter available for that consultation. However, this is not to replace face-to-face interpreters for health situations.

Here are some depressing facts:

- A third of Deaf people leave medical conversations unaware of how much medication they should take

- 70% of profoundly Deaf people do not have any communication support while they are in hospital

- A quarter of Deaf people miss hospital appointments

- A fifth miss follow up appointments

Many of these missed appointments were due to the lack of an interpreter.

Therefore, we believe that the use of online interpreting will increase Deaf peoples' attendance to health appointments, through having access to a fully qualified (MRSLI) interpreter at the click of a button.

This service is available free of charge NOW and terptree feel priviledged to work with SignTranslate in providing interpreters for the South of England.

If you are a Deaf person who would like to use this service, you can either ask your Doctor about 'SignTranslate online interpreting', or contact SignTranslate

If you would like to find out more information about terptree providing online interpreting
Or if you are MRSLI and interested in providing online interpreting, please send us an email online@terptree.co.uk.

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