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Thursday, 3 July 2008

terptree are working on their new look!

Hi there,

Don't worry....terptree are not changing that much, just a new look for our website - terptree online www.terptree.co.uk.

As soon as this work has been completed - we will make announcements on our website.

The things that we have been improving on are:

- The sign clips being streamed so that you no longer have to download them - they will play when clicking on them

- The public events calendar now has lots of events on it and we are very keen to keep this as up-dated as possible, so if you know of any events that have interpreters, please email us at terptreeonline@googlemail.com and we will add them!

Other than that - we have been ensuring that the website has a fresh look and is looked after - by adding regular content and information for you.

We also promise to write more regularly on our blog and sign more for our vlog - so please do have a look to what we are up to!

This is a very exciting time for us, so watch this space!

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