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Friday, 19 September 2008

Deaf people can get help finding work!

terptree have been working closely with Deborah Wilkins at Dering - http://www.dering.biz/

Dering support Deaf people in finding employment. terptree have been making sure that the companies that Deaf people go into have good Deaf awareness training and support so that the Deaf person is fully included.

It is very exciting that we are working toegether as Deaf people can now get support in finding a job and getting a interview and then terptree can support the employer when they get the job to make sure that regular interpreters are booked and so on.

To contact Dering and get some help finding a job: deborah.wilkins@dering.biz

To find out how terptree can support you in your workplace: victoria@terptree.co.uk

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