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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Reporting small crime via SMS/text to Thames Valley Police

"Victims of crime will soon be able to report theft and criminal damage by text or email.
Thames Valley Police plans to introduce 'e-reporting' by February to give people living in Oxfordshire more choice to report minor crimes and non urgent matters."

This is an exciting time for Deaf people as it means not dealing with Typetalk when reporting a crime! This is a very quick way of reporting crimes which is fantastic, but tust remember that this service needs to be used so that the funding continues.

Do you have any other suggestions? Please let Thames Valley Police know: http://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/press/e-comm-feedback.htm

How does this work....
"Texts automatically convert into emails when they are received by the police control room.
An automated response will then be sent and the injury followed up by the same way as a logged phone call.
Email forms will resemble online credit card applications, which require certain sections to be filled in."

Quotes taken from Oxford Mail, Thursday 18 September 2008, Page 5 by Tom Shepherd

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