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Friday, 17 October 2008

Deaf Awareness training from terptree

October has been a busy time for terptree and we have been working on everything from interpreting bookings to training events - Deaf awareness training in particular.

This is an exciting step for us considering we have just finished our second year in business and enter a third! We has a fantastic client base who are extremely happy with our services and we are excited to be also providing them with Deaf awareness training.

In our training, we cover:

- Welcome and Introduction

- Information about deaf people and sign language

- How to communicate with Deaf people

- How to work with an interpreter

- How to make the working environment suitable for Deaf employees

- Learning how to fingerspell plus exercise

- Teaching work-related signs and create sign names

- Recap

All of our sessions are fun and interactive and very much enjoyable.

Please take a look at the training section of the website to see the wonderful feedback that we have received.

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