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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Online interpreting featured on BBC See Hear

The latest episode of BBC2 programme See Hear has an interesting feature on online interpreting over webcam; a service terptree now provides in partnership with SignTranslate.

We're really proud to be able to offer the service and hope it can make a real difference to how deaf people access medical services in the UK. We're also currently trialling a version which works in the workplace - if you need a quick chat with a colleague you can use online interpreting.

Click the link to go directly to the right point in the programme http://bbc.co.uk/i/nhqf6/

You can also find out more about the service at www.terptree.co.uk/online.aspx


MM said...

I'm not convinced personally signtalk is viable. The daughter making up 95% of the interpreting is the real problem, and Dr's insisting relatives are first port of call, so they don't have topay anything. An computer screen would not suit everyone either.. We want more communicators on the street not online. Going online also diminishes demand for that. The fact remains the NHS is still insisting family pick up the communication batons every time. We sacked our own daughter from doing it, it was the only way to force the NHS to provide cover... they would provide nothing until we could prove we had no help.

www.terptree.co.uk said...

The webcam interpreting is designed not to replace interpreters on the street but to complement them if a last minute booking occurs and it can't be filled. We'd be really interested to get more views about it - are there any further reasons that you're not convinced? Have you used the SignTranslate system - what did you think?