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Monday, 25 July 2011

Sara Cox insults Deaf fans

Sara Cox was caught moaning on her Radio 1 show about subtitles at the cinema to make films accessible for Deaf People.

She explained that when she went to see the film Bridesmaid with her boyfriend she was "annoyed" at finding that it was a captioned showing.

Sara Cox made her opinions known on twitter calling Deaf people who disagreed with her "gobs**ts!"

Her tweet actually said "How daft is this? I'm at flicks and bridesmaids is gonna have subtitles. I morphed into my dad and asked if we got any money off. If I was wearing my specs I could've put a strip of black gaffer tape across the bottom to block them out."

Her comments have angered Deaf people across the country and twitter is buzzing with comments from people who think that she should no longer have a job.

terptree is a business that campaigns for access to services for Deaf people and it is appalling that someone in such a privileged position can make such comments.

Whilst presenting on her Radio 1 show, she should be taking the opportunity to reflect the BBC's support of Deaf people in the media and making comments like this should be dealt with seriously.

Many people have said that she should have simply checked the listings before she went, or checked the programme when she arrived at the cinema. It will be interesting to see what comes of these tweets and how many more people are silly enough to post such discriminatory tweets.


Super Fazza said...

She should be sacked for those disgusting comments

MM said...

Deaf fans of Radio ? misnomer in terms surely ?

terptree said...

She has certainly upset a number of people based on all of the comments I have seem from Deaf people on twitter

terptree said...

MM - the real point is that Sara Cox is in a position of authority and she has made very negative comments about the cinema being accessible.

Twitter is a public domain that is used widely by Deaf people