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Friday, 12 August 2011

A fun and successful BSL learners workshop on 5 August!

I am pleased to share with you lovely people that terptree have run yet another successful training event which was our BSL learners workshop.

This was attended by a group of 8 BSL students, only charged £15 each for a whole afternoon of learning.These workshops are aimed at students studying BSL at levels 1, 2 and NVQ level 3 and are to give essential information and skills to put people on the right path for practice and learning of BSL as a language.

There were 4 sessions: what to do with your BSL qualifications, fingerspelling workshop, careers with deaf people and receptive skills masterclass.

The sessions were run by a hearing person (terptree's own Director - Victoria Williams) and Lyndsey Cunningham terptree's deaf trainer.

Students themselves said that the strengths of the course were; brilliant information, experience and knowledge, informality, approachable and knowledgable tutors, friendly, open and cheap!

All students said that they would highly recommend this workshop to other learners.

terptree are keen to run more of these sessions - to show interest and become a happy terptree customer please email training@terptree.co.uk

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