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Monday, 17 October 2011

New BSL courses: level 1, NVQ Level 3 coming to terptree!

Yes, more courses are to start within the next year that will place terptree as a specialist training centre for British Sign Language (BSL) in the South of England.

We have started by running our first Level 2 Signature BSL course last month - September 2011, set up from all of the requests that we received from BSL students. After the start of a very successful course, the terptree team have been thinking....we are running a fantastic and fun Level 2 course already - why not add a Level 1 course and NVQ Level 3 course as well to boot!

The plan is to start both of these courses in September 2012 - but we need your interest NOW so that we know how many people are interested. Tell us if you are interested in Level 1, Level 2 or NVQ Level 3.

What do people way about training with terptree:

"i loved meeting like minded people and use BSL"
"Information, experience and knowledge provided was brilliant"
"Well structured, flexible with enthusiastic trainers"
"Lovely people"
"Ability to interact with everyone in a relaxed environment"

What more is there to say - you know that you want to learn British Sign Language......learn with terptree!!!

These courses will be run in Berkshire and at a cost that is value for money

Contact us at training@terptree.co.uk to tell us that you want to learn Level 1, Level 2 or NVQ Level 3. Please do pass this to other BSL students that you know are looking for courses.

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