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Monday, 9 January 2012

Want to work with Deaf people? New year - new career....

There are many different careers that you can choose if you want to work with Deaf people and use sign language. Gaining a BSL/ Interpreting/Communication qualification can open up a whole world of opportunities. These skills are in great demand and there are many flexible career opportunities available. Visit Signature for training information.
There are nine million deaf people in the UK, 70,000 of whom use BSL for participation in everyday life. There are plenty of career opportunities available on a permanent or freelance basis and a qualified communication professional can earn in excess of £35,000 a year.
It is worth remembering that statistically one in seven people have some form hearing loss so completing a Deaf awareness or sign language course will always be useful. This is especially true for those that do jobs in customer service or have a lot of contact with the general public.
What careers are available with Deaf people and how can I find out more?
British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreters, Deafblind communicator guides, Speech to text reporters, Note takers The NRCPD (National Registers for Communication Professionals with Deaf and Deafblind People) covers information on these careers.
British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreters The Association of Sign Language Interpreters has more information on BSL/English Interpreting
Lip speakers The Association of Lipspeakers has some additional information on lipspeaking.
Audiologists Please visit ( http://www.baaudiology.org/Careers/What-is-Audiology.aspx) for further information on Audiology.
Speech and Language Therapists In order to find out more about training to be a speech and language therapist you can contact the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists or the NHS website (http://www.nhscareers.nhs.uk/details/Default.aspx?Id=288)
Teacher of the Deaf In order to become a teacher of the Deaf, you need to first train as a teacher then do further training. It is useful to gain experience of working with Deaf children previous or alongside your training, see The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf.
Social Workers If you are interested in becoming a social worker with Deaf people you first have to train as a social worker in the same way as you do if you want to be a teacher. You have to do a degree first and more information can be found from the Department of Health
General jobs within Deaf companies or organisations are quite often advertised on Deaf UK jobs, which is a mailing list you can subscribe to online. If this is the route that interests you it may be worth contacting the human resources departments within various organisations to see what the opportunities are

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