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Monday, 5 March 2012

How do you know if an Interpreter is registered?

Why do I need to check if an Interpreter is registered?

It is important to find out if an Interpreter is registered with the NRCPD (see below) so you know you are using a professional who has:

· Interpreter training

· A code of ethics – Interpreters have a duty to behave professionally such as being confidential

· A police check

· Professional insurance

· A complaints procedure – You can complain through the NRCPD if you think an Interpreter has behaved incorrectly. If you have a complaint, try to sort this out with the Interpreter first.

What is the NRCPD?

Before it was called CACDP but now the company is called Signature. Signature holds the register of Interpreters under the name NRCPD – National Registers of Communication Professionals with Deaf People.

How do you know if someone is on the register?

1) Ask to see their registration card:

There are now two levels of Interpreters:

RSLI – Registered Sign Language Interpreter

TSLI – Trainee Sign Language Interpreter

An RSLI is the highest level of Interpreter and must be used in appointments with the police, courts, tribunals, mental health and anywhere you need the highest qualified Interpreter. They should be used whenever there is an important meeting or other important booking.

2) Check the NRCPD website:

There are registration levels and contact details of all Interpreters on the register. You can follow the steps below to search the register:

· Go to www.nrcpd.org.uk

· Click ‘Search the Register’ (by the picture of a badge)

· Put an Interpreter’s surname into the first search box OR search by region for a list of all the Interpreters in that area

So remember it is your right to have a registered Interpreter. Check the NRCPD website or check for the Interpreter’s card!

terptree only use interpreters who are registered with NRCPD – to book and interpreter or find out more, contact interpreting@terptree.co.uk

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