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Monday, 2 April 2012

How to be an interpreter Part 1: 4 hints and tips

So you want to know some tips on how to train as an British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreter - read this weeks and next weeks blogs for inspiration!

This week we will be covering five useful hints and tips on things to do that will help you prepare for your future career as a British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreter.....

1. Read widely and watch programmes that you would not normally watch - this will increase your exposure to language and allow you to have a broader understanding of topic areas

2. Become a member of ASLI www.asli.org.uk as a Student, as you will receive a regular magazine, discounts on training events and be kept in the loop regarding developments and changes to the interpreting profession

3. Plan your training - look at the training that you need to complete to achieve your goals: plan, budget and embrace it! Click here to see the fabulous range of terptree training courses available http://www.terptree.co.uk/training.aspx

4. Volunteer in the Deaf community and attend events that Deaf people and interpreters attend - take a look at http://www.terptree.co.uk/PublicCalendar.aspx for events that are accessible for Deaf people, either through an interpreter or Stagetext

If you would like to know more, please click on http://www.terptree.co.uk/training.aspx#howto to book your place on one of our up and coming 'How to be an interpreter' events

We hope that this has been a useful first installment for you. Look out for next weeks blog where we will tell you about 10 essential reads for the aspiring interpreter

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