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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Deaf Awareness Week - Wednesday 9 May: Communication tips

Today, terptree bring you some do's and don'ts when it comes to communication with Deaf people:


-  Drink or eat (including chewing gum) whilst communicating

-  Look away whilst communicating

-  Try not to wear large, or overly mobile jewellery (such as dangly earrings), as they can be distracting

-  Stand in front of a distracting wallpaper or background

-  Put your hands over your mouth or mumble

-  Have more than one person talking at any time

-  Pace back and forth

-  Use the phrase ‘deaf and dumb’ – it’s outmoded and has negative connotations

-  Overly exaggerate your mouth and lip patterns – normal speech is easier to follow

-  Rephrase, rather than repeat a misunderstood sentence

-  Face the Deaf person in a well-lit environment

-  Tie back long hair

-  Get the attention of the Deaf person before you begin to talk

-  Reduce background noise as much as possible

-  Use gestures whenever possible, providing they are contextual and clear

-  Call the Deaf person a ‘Deaf person’, as it’s a matter of cultural pride

-  Use written English as a way of finding a common language 

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