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Monday, 11 June 2012

Remark! and BDA Jubilee Street Party

Diamond Jubilee Street party is a roaring success!
"Remark! Community joined forces with the BDA to host a huge deaf street party right outside their offices in Leather Lane, London. Two months of intense planning paid off as the whole day went without a hitch (that is apart from the typically unpredictable British Weather). Undeterred, large crowds of deaf people and signers made the trek to Central London despite many road closures and several other transport issues.
Throughout the day there was an estimate of almost 2,000 people attending the street party and the after party. This is thought to be the largest ever deaf street party in British history; everyone who made it to London on that day was a part of something big that nobody will ever forget.
There was a barbecue with a traditional hog roast turning on a spit, plenty of entertainment for children- two ample sized bouncy castles, an army of face painters and the hilarious (and aptly named) Colin Bunting who entertained families for hours on end. The staff from Remark! Community’s two play schemes did a great job in making sure the children were safe, having fun and involved in the festivities.
Penny Beschizza led a deaf volunteer choir through the national anthem and, at the opportune moment, we were blessed with a visit from Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as well as Catherine, wife of the future King William III, who made greetings to the massed crowds in BSL! They must have had a lot of BSL practice before the day as they were both incredibly fluent and even fielded a couple of questions from the audience.
Terry Riley, the BDA president, remarked that this event was living proof that the deaf culture was alive and well. Mark Nelson, the managing director of Remark!, took the opportunity to express his pride at being able to give something back to the deaf community by financing this major event.
The party did not end there as many people, the young and old, stayed late into the evening! Jonny Nelson, the event organiser, commented:  “This event surpassed all our expectations…I have never experienced anything like it and on this occasion I was truly proud of the BSL community for coming together and making this such a great party…A great big thank you must go to all those volunteers, performers and those who worked behind the scenes to make this a big success.”
We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere congratulations to the Queen for reaching such a significant milestone and we look forward to the next jubilee in 2022. God save the Queen!"

Article from the Remark! website 07.06.2012

What a popular event this was!

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