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Monday, 9 July 2012

Logan's 'Olympic Torch' Relay – an auction for Hearing Dogs

Five-year-old Logan McKerrow is selling an 'Olympic Torch' he made at school, on eBay, to raise money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, one of terptree's most favourite customers!

"Around four weeks ago, Logan made an 'Olympic Torch' at school. When he heard other Olympic enthusiasts were selling their torches on eBay he asked his mum, Kerry, if he could list his on the website too.

She said 'yes' and they chose to auction the torch to support our Let's Hear it for Deaf Children campaign and the torch sold for £21. Logan donated £16.80 to the Charity and kept the rest for himself (as stated in the listing) to buy some materials to make more things.
When Kerry told Logan how much his torch had sold for he was over the moon. He also decided that he'd had enough of making things and wanted to give the rest of his money to the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.
The bidder who won the eBay auction was blown away by Logan’s generosity, and asked for his 'Olympic Torch' to be re-listed to try and raise more money for Hearing Dogs.
And the story has grown from there!
Logan's torch is now travelling up and down the UK on it's own 'Olympic Torch' relay, raising money to train more life-changing hearing dogs as it continues its route."

Story from Hearing Dogs

The latest bid of Logans torch was won after a total of 109 bids on Saturday 7 July at 15:34 for £10,900!

Click here to see Logan's torch on eBay 

Victoria Williams, Director of terptree said 

"What a wonderful and relevant way to raise money for the charity, Hearing Dogs for deaf people.  Since founded in 1982, they are provided 1,600 deaf people with hearing dogs, who alert deaf people to important danger signals like the smoke alarm as well as household noises such as the doorbell and the telephone. 

This amount of money will make such a difference to deaf peoples lives - we wish Logan the best of luck in his continued fundraising!"

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