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Monday, 16 July 2012

terptree - providing the best for Deaf students

terptree provides interpreting services to a number of different clients - health services, social services, education, charity, business and we also support a number of Deaf students studying for University degree's around the country. 

Here is a case study of one of these students that we support.....

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terptree is the place to go for services for Deaf students!

Roehampton University
Case Study

Jennifer Stuart*- BA (Hons) Photography

Jennifer is profoundly Deaf and requires a combination of Interpreting and Notetaking support to support her study. 
terptree worked closely with the Disability Advisor to organise appropriate support for all of Jennifer's lectures, seminars and exams. We were able to do this within the start of term deadline using just two communication professionals. This ensured continuity and familiarity for Jennifer in what could be a very stressful time. 

We kept in contact with Jennifer via text and email to ensure she was happy with arrangements and up to date with  timesheets.  This way she always knew she could contact us directly if she had a problem.

We were also regularly in touch with the Diability Advisor to keep on top of Jennifer's budget and to ensure that timetable changes and other meetings were organised well in advance.
Feedback from the Disability Advisor was fantastic:
"Thanks for all your help with finding interpreters to cover Jennifer's classes this year. I'm delighted with the service from the office staff at terptree - communication is always open and smooth and they have been really easy to deal with. I really like working with terptree." 
Jennifer said: "My first lecture went really well and your team interpreter provides a high standard of service. I am really pleased with terptree."   
  *Student's name changed for anonymity 
terptree exist to make a positive difference in Deaf people's lives. We have a solid reputation for being flexible, friendly and different from the rest.   

We provide specialist Communication Professionals for Deaf 
and hearing people to ensure that the student's university experience is as fulfilling as possible.

We provide:
- BSL/English Interpreters
- Communication Support Workers (CSW)
- Notetakers
- Lip Speakers
- Speech to Text operators
- Palantypists

Our experience 
We have years of experience in dealing with the communication needs of Deaf students, and are experienced in dealing with Student Finance England, managing DSA budgets, working with changing timetables and ensuring timesheets are up to date.

It is an exciting prospect to support a Deaf student through education, as this is the start of a real adventure and terptree are always delighted to be a part of that adventure.

In the past year alone we have worked with the following Universities:
 - Roehampton University
 - Southampton University
 - Reading University
 - Queen Mary, University of London
 - Kingston University
 - Middlesex University

Contact Us!
Get in touch to find out more!
telephone: 01635 886 264  
SMS/text: 077944 655 810  
1210 Parkview, Arlington Business Park, Theale, Berkshire, RG7 4TY

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