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Monday, 20 August 2012

How do I become a BSL/English Interpreter?

One of the questions that we are asked most here at terptree - is how do I become a BSL/English Interpreter? How long does it take? Which course should I go on......
We have put this blog together for you! Here are all the questions answered for you.
How long does it take to become a Sign Language interpreter?
To be a BSL (British Sign Language)/English Interpreter takes a minimum of 5 years but in practice people often take longer to gain experience and finish their training. It is important to have a good fluency in both languages so a good level of English is essential. Currently A-level English is recommended as the minimum. Should you decide to become an interpreter you will be rewarded with a challenging and interesting career as it is one that continues to evolve and develop.
What types of qualifications are there?
There are generally two types of qualifications you can study to train as a BSL/English Interpreter. You can either study for an Undergraduate qualification at University or take the vocational (NVQ) route. You can start at BSL Levels 1 and 2 then progress to NVQ BSL Levels 3 and 6. There are also postgraduate courses you can do to complete your formal training and this may enable you to register as a Registered Sign Language Interpreter (RSLI) with the NRCPD (see further information below)

Undergraduate degrees or certificates
· University of Bristol BSc Deaf Studies (Interpreting)
· University of Wolverhampton BA Interpreting (BSL/English)
· City Lit, London BA Deaf Studies (Interpreting option)
· UCLAN BA Deaf Studies (with graduate diploma)
· Heriot-Watt University Certificate in Interpreting Studies
· Belfast Metropolitan Introduction to BSL/English Interpreting

Vocational qualifications
There are a number of approved centres around the country – please visit www.signature.org.uk for more information and to find your local centre.

Postgraduate degrees
· UCLAN/SLI PG Diploma BSL/English Interpreting
· University of Durham PG Diploma BSL/English Interpreting
· Leeds MA/PG Diploma Interpreting (BSL/English)
Further information
Or to find out more, contact terptree at interpreting@terptree.co.uk

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