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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hard of Hearing? The Difficulties of Hearing Loss

A growing number of Americans suffer from hearing loss. The growth in this statistic is not wholly explained by the aging of the population. People are not taking care of their hearing as they did in previous generations. The consequences are worse than just not being able to follow a conversation. Hearing loss is typically inflicted by unhealthy or careless lifestyles. After hearing is lost, there are additional health ramifications that all people would be better off avoiding.

How Hearing Loss Happens

Temporary hearing loss is often due to improper care for the ears. Earwax, also known as cerumen, builds up for still unknown reasons in some people’s ears. It blocks the passage way to the inner ear and muffles sound.

Attempts to remove this type of obstacle can often cause permanent damage. People tend to misuse the cotton swabs that are sold in supermarkets and in drug stores, inserting them far too deeply into the ear. These tools are meant to clean the outer part of the ear and nothing more.

Loud music is a favorite culprit for people to blame. It is true that listening to music too loudly can reduce the effectiveness of your hearing. This is especially noticeable now that people have access to tiny, portable music devices that use ear buds to channel sound directly to people’s ears.

However, a number of other elements in everyday surroundings also contribute to hearing loss. Power tools, jet engines and a number of other work-related causes can diminish a person’s ability to hear after long exposure. Smoking has been identified as a contributor to hearing loss as well.

Signs of Hearing Loss

It is very common for people to ignore the extent of their hearing deficits or even deny that these problems exist. They may blame their problem on other people’s mumbling or on external interference that is not really that significant. Men are more likely than women to deny their hearing loss.

You may have hearing loss if you notice that it is impossible to follow conversations anymore without interrupting for clarification. You may also note that you are moving the volume level on the television up more every few months and that other people complain about how loud it is. People with even the beginnings of hearing loss may have a difficult time having a conversation in a restaurant.

Hearing and Health

Your hearing is a critical part of your health. There are both physical and social dangers to suffering from hearing loss. Poor hearing makes you more vulnerable to a number of accidents, particularly those involving cars and pedestrians. Studies have also shown that people who have lost some of their hearing suffer from social isolation because they are not comfortable having to ask everyone about what they were just saying.

You can repair hearing loss. The assistance of a hearing aid or hearings aids has improved the lives of many people. Making smart choices will not only better your health but also directly improve and protect your hearing.

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