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Monday, 17 December 2012

Showcase on: The Family Centre (deaf Children) in Bristol

This week we are showcasing a charity that has really made a difference for families with Deaf children in the are of Bristol.

The Family Centre (deaf Children) in Bristol was established in November 1995 and has evolved through research carried out by the University of Bristol Centre for Deaf Studies, Avon Deaf Children's Society, Bristol Centre for Deaf People and Sensory Impaired Services.

They encourage the whole family to become involved in their activities and welcome deaf parents and their children, hearing parents, their deaf child and also hearing siblings, grandparents, relatives, carers and children's family friends.

They provide a range of fun activities and learning opportunities for children with sessions designed to be accessible to children who use hearing aids, cochlear implants and also those who use sign language.

The staff team are bi-lingual and offer communication in BSL and all trustees are either living with deafness, making them a user led organisation who are in touch with the needs of local families; of which over 160 are supported.

Take a look at the range of activities that are offered here

Connect to The Family Centre (deaf children) on facebook 

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