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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

New look terptree and website re-launch!!

terptree - the place for deaf services.  Embracing a new look and feel for 2013!

Today is a very exciting day for the terptree team - we are launching our new logo and website to the world www.terptree.co.uk.

The new terptree website has four main sections:

- Communications Professionals
- Service Providers
- Deaf people
- BSL Students

This allows the user an easy navigation through to relevant information and content for them, showcasing the fantastic services that we at terptree provide. To read more about what people say about terptree - click here.


terptree Guarantee

terptree are confident that our customers are completely satisfied with our service and the quality of professionals we provide.
We're so confident that if you believe we have not met our 5-point money back guarantee, you don't have to pay a penny.  For more information - please do contact our team at interpreting@terptree.co.uk  

Make a referral to terptree

terptree strives to meet and surpass expectations through our efficient, personable and passionate approach to every project. As a result, a high percentage of our work comes from repeat customers and referrals.  With this in mind, terptree have created a referral scheme which offers a reward when you introduce us to friends and colleagues.  If you would like to recommend someone to use our services, let us know at rewards@terptree.co.uk.

Victoria Williams, Director said "This is a very exciting time for terptree; we have an excellent team, highly-skilled Communication Professionals working for us and lots of amazing things to come....."


We would love for you to connect with us on social media so you can keep on track with all the exciting terptree news.  How to connect with us:


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