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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Want to come on our Theatre Interpreting course on Saturday ? ..... Read on to find out more about Jeni Draper .....

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We have a few spaces left on our fantastic course on Saturday and would love you to be there:

3 August 2013 10 - 5pm

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Here at terptree, we have taken the time to ask Jeni some all important questions so that you can really get to know your trainer: 

How did you get into interpreting?
I trained and worked as an actress working nationally and internationally mostly in theatre but also TV then got a bit bored so decided to learn a language. I picked BSL from a night class brochure quite randomly. From initial interview I was rejected which I refused to accept so waited outside for the Deaf teacher then accosted him and his interpreter telling him he had made a huge mistake. I had a phone call next day saying I was in! I like to look at this as he recognised my passion and determination rather than he felt intimidated!!!! Early teachers were amazingly positive about my acting career and actively found opportunities for me to meet Deaf actors/companies working with hearing actors who signed. I went on tour with 3 Deaf actors back in the day when companies didn't have interpreters on tour and being the only hearing person with some signing skills I became the communicator for every interaction with venues, hotels etc. It was an eye opener and although acutely aware my skills were woeful for full communication it was a start and I was determined to improve. The rest is history!

Tell us about your funniest interpreting moment?
The funniest actually needs to be told in BSL and is possibly a little risqué for this forum but do ask me when we meet! I worked for 11 months on the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics working with Jenny Sealey who was co-director for the Opening Ceremony. This was an AMAZING job for many reasons and a complete rollercoaster of emotions each day. We did laugh a lot and given the pressure the creative team was under this was essential. I remember meetings when one thing would be repeated endlessly so I tried to find different ways to sign the same thing passed to my co-worker who did the same, then back to me etc. The 3 of us would be in fits whilst no one else knew why. Also a key member of the team was always leaning across us to point to something on the model of the stadium in front of us. Wherever I moved he would step in front of me. I would organise the seating way before a meeting started and sit opposite him, have strategies in place, have a word with him too about the need for clear pathway between me and Jenny but no matter what, he would end up next to me and obstructing my view. I would edge my chair away, he would follow. I would end up against the wall he would still be in front of me. You had to laugh!

What do you love most about your job?
Meeting different people. This is the perfect job if you like people! From the quickest interaction with a busy GP to interpreting for politicians on platform the range of encounters is fabulous. I love the different roles we have to inhabit each day and the need to be endlessly adaptable to a situation.

If you weren't an interpreter, what would you be?
Well I would have said a theatre director a few years ago but as I am one now and have set up my own theatre company with Jean St Clair called Fingersmiths (www.fingersmiths.org.uk) I will say I'd love to run a vegetarian cafe 

Cup of tea or glass of wine?
Green tea in the morning and sauvignon blanc in the evening. How's that for a diplomatic answer?!
We hope you enjoyed getting to know Jeni and that you can make it on Saturday - 3 August; for what will be an amazing course!

Have a great day!

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