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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Exploring the play; A practical workshop for theatre interpreting - an excellent day of professional development!

terptree had a wonderful day on Saturday 3rd August welcoming Jeni Draper to Newbury to present on our course "Exploring the plan; A practical workshop for theatre interpreting".

The wonderful Jeni Draper
The wonderful Jeni Draper
Altogether five interpreters attended - a mixture of Trainee and Registered Sign Language Interpreters and a lot was covered in this very practical day session.
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The day started with a number of physical theatre prep warm ups - Jeni recommended that you get involved in the warm ups with the actors before going on stage so that you are a part of the team and as well prepared as the actors.

This was followed by improvisation exercises to free minds and get to know one another.  These exercises included; creating visual representations from sign names, using hands to create joint shapes, creating a human musical instrument and generally learning to work visually together as a group.

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Jeni explained that in theatre interpreting, two key traits are making bold choices and making it visual.  Breaking away from the meaning is key,a dn looking to Deaf people storytelling for inspiration.

Our lovely groupAfter a well deserved break, the afternoon session looked at the more theoretical elements such as; how to cope with the many characters that need interpreting, how to rehearse, who is your port of call in the theatre, etc.  The group then worked on the translation of scripts and worked off the page - taking on extracts of theatrical text and making it work.  

Lastly - we looked at examples of shows and examples of the types of dilemmas that you will face on the stage!

 Feedback from the course:
"Good introduction to theatre interpreting - no pressure on HAVING to interpret any plays.  Very friendly and relaxed and a fun atmosphere to learn about a new area of interpreting."
"Extremely experienced trainer in a safe environment"
"The course was fun, entertaining and well organised with a nice group of people!"
Words to describe the course:
"Interesting"         "Enlightening"           "Engaging"           "Safe"      
"Informative"         "Relaxed"                 "Fun"                  "Interesting"

Interpreting in Mental Health and Deafness Settings

Esther Rose Thomas will be presenting a two-day Mental Health and Deafness workshop for Interpreters working in or wanting to know more about working in the field of Mental Health.

The workshop provides an overview of mental health problems/illness, the various mental health services and the Deaf experience.  It will also cover a variety of issues such as how to interpret assessments, idiosyncratic language; "voices" and medication as well as the Mental Health Act and working with families.
This course will be delivered by Esther Thomas
This course is for registered interpreters (preferably with at least 3 years post-qualification experience) who wish to work in the mental health field.
Next course scheduled: 
Date: 14 & 15 September 2013 (2-day course)
Time: 09:30 to 16:30 
Venue: St Bartholomews School, Andover Road, Newbury, RG14 6JP
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