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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Another excellent interpreter training course from terptree: Interpreting in mental health settings

terptree were absolutely delighted to invite Esther Thomas and Herbert Klein to provide training on interpreting in mental health settings over the weekend in Newbury.

First, for a quick question:

Does the prospect of working in mental health scare you?
Whilst interpreting, have you come across a deaf person who has some level of mental health issues?
Would you like to interpret within mental health settings in the future?

If you have answered yes to one of these questions, this is the course for you!!

Many interpreters consider working within mental health, but find the idea a little overwhelming, feel like they have a lack of knowledge, under prepared and really have no idea what to expect.

Our packed two-day weekend course has covered a range of topics and attendees have learnt about:
  •    The range of mental health problems
  •          The professionals involved
  •           The Mental Health Act
  •           The range of services available for deaf people
  •           The role/s of the interpreter
  •           A variety of copying strategies
  •           Interpreting idiosyncratic language
  •           And lots more!

When asked about working within Mental Health, Esther explained “It's gonna come up in our day to day life, wherever we are interpreting - mental health interpreting will come up and it is useful for us to have some idea of what to expect."

Attendees have been wowed by Esther and Herbert and have said the following about the course:

“Invaluable as a guide to and information tool for further work in this field"

“A really good insight into the clinical side of mental health and interpreting in this domain"

“Outstanding trainers, invaluable to those wishing to work in mental health settings!"

Why attend this training?

One key message to be taken away from the course; is that you may consider that you are booked to interpret for a job interview – but when you start the interaction, you soon realise that there are some mental health issues prevalent.

Therefore attending training specifically focused on mental health settings is relevant to all interpreters working out there in the field.

Research has shown that mental health issues affect 40% of deaf people compared to 25% of hearing people.  This means that as interpreters, you are highly likely to be exposed to mental health within your work.

The reasons that occurrence is higher in deaf people can be due to:
  •          Isolation
  •          Misunderstanding what is being seen in the media
  •          Inability to express feelings and emotions
  •          Views of own self worth – low
  •          Lack or role model
  •          Lack of education
  •          Lack of access to primary healthcare

It has been found that 88% of deaf people do not have access to an interpreter when attending a GP appointment.  So you can imagine; if in that appointment, a deaf person has not been able to talk to the GP about how anxious they are feeling – this could quickly and easily escalate into a larger issue or concern.

Want to attend this course in another location?

This course has been a popular one and we are looking to run this again in Essex in December.  Should you be interested in attending this course, please contact us and show your interest by emailing us at training@terptree.co.uk.

Alternatively if you would like this course to come to you and you think there would be enough interpreters local to you interested in the course – let us know and we will see what we can do!

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