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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kerrie's diary of a BSL Student: week 4 and I really feel like I am starting to get the hang of this!

by Kerrie Tomris

Week 4! And I really feel like I am starting to get the hang of this. 

Every week I turn up worrying that I can’t remember anything, but then it all comes back to me within a few minutes of being there.

The highlight of week 4 for me was signing along to Abba’s ‘I have a dream’. Suzanne said they usually do this kind of exercise in Level 2 but thought it would be fun for us, she was right, it was hilarious! She only had the words to verse 1 on her flip chart and played the song on her phone, relying on us to tell her when the singing had started, when verse 2 kicked in and she started signing verse 1 again we all cracked up laughing. She has no problem with laughing at herself too and has such a great sense of humour which makes the classes so much more enjoyable. She’s going to write down verse 2 as well next time!

If I am totally honest, ‘I have a dream’ is not usually a song I would choose to listen to, but the lyrics really do make you realise how beautiful BSL is with lines like ‘I believe in angels’ ‘I cross the stream’ and ‘see the wonder of a fairy tale’. I woke up this morning with that song stuck in my head and am without a doubt, going to have it stuck there for the next few days.

An example of other things we covered last night were the weather, days of the week, months and birthdays, as well as signs like ‘this week’ ‘next week’ and ‘today’. It was really handy talking about our birthdays as going through the classes date of births reinforced the numbers we had learnt the previous week.

We always do a big recap on what we have already covered and it is quite amazing how many words we have learnt in such a short space of time. I’m going to start keeping a tally on the words I know and then using the spread sign app to keep reminding myself and practising them over and over when I am at home. I am also going to try throwing in the odd sign while I talk at work, not too much of course as with the speed of my signing we’d be here all day! The odd sign at work should help me get the hang of using it outside of lessons though, and as my Director is an RSLI, I may as well take advantage of her knowledge!

If I take my time and think carefully, I can put a sentence together now. I think I could just about blag my way through a general conversation with a Deaf person now… as long as they stuck to very simple and easy topics of course! ;-) 

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