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Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to play Guess Who? in BSL!

Another couple of weeks have passed (where is this year going?!) so I have had another three lessons since I last wrote my Level 1 BSL student blog.

The lesson this week was very fun, as always. We were covering emotions and describing people, Suzanne had come up with a few games to help us learn the various emotions one of which involved the characters of Guess Who. We had to choose a character, describe them and then the rest of the group had to guess who we were describing.

My favourite game was based around the theme of speed dating, we were each given a card with several likes and dislikes on it. We had to go around the room, asking each other what their likes and dislikes were until we found our match. It was very entertaining with the conversations going something like this ‘you like swimming? Me too’ ‘I like gardening, do you? Yes? That is good’ ‘oh wait, you don’t like skiing… bye bye!’

Learning emotions has really helped me with using facial expressions when signing, I have to admit that I get a bit self-conscious when it comes to facial expressions, but I’m finally realising just how important they are and am getting better at not caring what I look like and just going for it!

I have made a real effort with practising at home, fingerspelling random objects and thinking in my mind how I would sign what I am doing at the time. The spread the sign app is very helpful, I look through that quite often just picking out random words and watching the clips.

When I read my children their bedtime stories, I have started to sign every word I know, and they have up to six (depending on how good they have been ;-) bedtime stories every night so I get a lot of practise in there. Admittedly, the words I know are only a small percentage of the words in the book but at least it is something! 

That’s all for now :-)

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