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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Kerrie - what it feels like to know 300 signs in BSL already!!

It’s been a few weeks since I have written my last blog, we have just returned to college after the half term break and prior to that, terptree HQ was just so ridiculously busy that there just wasn't time for blog writing – sorry J

Anyway, things have calmed down in the office and there have been a few lessons since my last blog so I have lots to tell you!

Drum roll please... I know now over 300 words in BSL! Being the spreadsheet geek that I am, I have created my own little excel database with the words I have learnt and reminders on how to do them – i.e, hand shapes to use.

We have covered so much… When I look back over the handouts that we get after each lesson I am just stunned. We had a trial run before half term for our 101 exam which went very well, but it made me realise that I really need to work on giving directions. We are going to have our actual exam before Christmas, Suzanne said that we are all ahead and definitely ready so I need to get lots of practise in!

My children are doing well with their BSL too – my son can sign simple sentences like ‘My name Kieran’ ‘I have 1 sister Nyah’ and ‘My favourite toy Dinosaurs.’ I throw the odd sign at him when we are at home which he enjoys, he surprised me by already knowing a few like ‘toilet’ from his primary school teachers.

Nyah is not interested in signing unless there is a song involved, she is one very strong willed little 3 year old! So I have taught them easy nursery rhymes like ‘Sing a Rainbow’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’ which she absolutely loves and often asks me if we can do them over and over. I am going to think up some new nursery rhymes to show them as that seems to be the best way forward with helping them remember the signs I am showing them.

Kerrie :0)

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Joy Tucker said...

Well done Kerrie! I'm sure your little ones will find learning some BSL very useful, even if just for them to enjoy another language. I taught my younger sons some BSL & I could call them in from the garden just by taping on the window, then signing to them why I needed them to come in.It's brilliant when we would go to the park - we could converse from a distance as long as we got each others attention. Even though my sons are now grown & didn't learn a lot of sign, they are Deaf aware & can do basic communication with my friends who visit. hope you have lots of fun & new adventures with your sign language, Kerrie!