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Friday, 31 January 2014

Communication Professional of the month - January 2014!

Communication Professional of the Month
January 2014

Here at terptree HQ, we call our clients for feedback after each and every booking.  Our team regularly get off of the phone from a client, beaming with pride at the wonderful words clients’ have used to describe your hard work.

We wanted to find a way of recognising all that you do for us – hence our new award ‘Communication Professional of the month’.

Every month, our team will reward one of our Communication Professionals with this title for going the extra mile, excellent feedback and services to the Deaf community.

The First Award
January 2014

With this month being the first award – we really wanted to consider who has really gone above and beyond when working for us – and it was a unanimous decision throughout our team…..so we are excited to announce that our Communication Professional for January 2014 is

Connor Lalitte!


Connor has been working with terptree since October 2013 and has been fulfilling a great deal of our University bookings.

With these bookings, there is always a high element of change – Connor is always willing to support our students in any way possible – often running from one student to another where last minute lectures are booked in.

Connor is an asset to the terptree team and we are delighted to have him on board, very much looking forward to working together into the future.
Thanks Connor!

Here is what Connor had to say: "I am extremely honoured and flattered to receive this award. From the start, the team at terptree have consistently been the most professional, supportive and friendliest people I have worked with.  Having my efforts over the past few months recognised by the team is extremely encouraging, and I can safely say that those efforts have always been returned with kindness, respect and now this lovely trophy! I very much look forward to the future of my relationship with terptree and its lovely team, who make access for the wider Deaf community not only possible but personal. Thank you!"

We are really excited about this new way of recognising our team of Communication Professionals and already can’t wait to make our award for February 2014!

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