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Friday, 17 January 2014

Exam time for Kerrie......

Hello :-)

I haven’t written my student blog since November – naughty Kerrie! The office has just been so busy, which is fantastic for terptree but not so good when it comes to finding time to write a blog.

I had my 101 exam just before Christmas, which was fine… I think… I hope… Suzanne said we all did well but we need to wait for confirmation from Signature so fingers crossed!

Since I last wrote we have learnt lots of new words and have covered lots of topics such as community, employment, professions, work, food, people, places, counties, countries, hobbies, sports. At this weeks lesson we were describing our homes to each other which was fun as it is just like taking them on a virtual tour of your home.

I am also making progress with teaching my children BSL. My 3 year old daughter has finally realised that learning a new language is fun and is getting quite into now, she regularly uses signs such as mummy, daddy, brother, girl, boy… it is very cute to see. My son has picked up the BSL alphabet really well, he is in his first year at primary school so is learning to read and write, if he asks how to spell a word when we are at home, I will tell him the letters along with signs.

That’s all for now, next week Suzanne has lots of activities prepared to help us practice for 102 and 103 exams so I will have lots more to tell you then.

Bye for now :-)

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