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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Nativity Play Goes Wrong: Reading Rep Theatre

Thoughts from our Sales Administrator and Level 1 BSL Student Kerrie on Reading Rep Theatre's most recent production, "The Nativity Play Goes Wrong"

On the 2nd January myself, Victoria and Claire from terptree attended a signed performance of ‘The Nativity Play Goes Wrong’ by Reading Rep. The play itself was just hilarious - I mean genuinely laugh out loud funny – the actors we amazing and it was such a clever story. I’d definitely go and see their next performance.

The reason for this blog though is not to review the play, but to tell you about it from the point of view of a Level 1 BSL student seeing an interpreter at work for the first time! 

Sam Dean was the lucky interpreter booked for this assignment by terptree. She had attended our Theatre Interpreting training course run by Jeni Draper last year. We knew she’d be great anyway and she certainly proved us right!

She was positioned to the side of the stage with a spotlight on her and I spent most of the play watching Sam instead of listening to the spoken words, eager to see how much I could pick up from signs alone. I was very surprised by how much I did know.

It was very interesting to see how interpreter behaves on a booking. Sam was incredibly professional and how she managed to keep a straight face and not laughing during the show I will never know! Especially as one of the actors kept losing his clothes and spent the majority of the play in his pants.

The play itself was very noisy with lots going on so it was really cool to see how she went from showing the  panicked and urgent sounds of alarms going off, to the slow and angelic interpretation of Silent Night.

After the show we went for a drink at the bar, there were lots of Deaf people and Interpreters there and being a level 1 student I spent most of my time just staring in awe of the fluency of the signing going on around me.

Next month we’re taking it a step further and are off on a team outing to see ‘Frozen’ which will be performed by Deaf actors where I will probably spend most of the time gawping at people signing and wishing I could do it as well as them… can’t wait! 

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