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Monday, 31 March 2014

Communication Professional of the month - March 2014

We decided that there would be no better way to announce the winner of Communication Professional of the month for March that making an announcement at our event - so we did!

The individual that we chose this month regularly helps us out with last minute bookings and each member of our team has individually commented about how great they are to work with.

So our Communication Professional for the month in March 2014 is:

                                        Ben LeGrys

                                     Ben Legrys
So - the plan was to award Ben with his trophy at the event, but he was unfortunately unwell and unable to attend, so Ben - your trophy is winging its way to you!

Ben is consistently supportive and accommodating with bookings, being cancelled for one booking - he is looking to help us fill another one.  He is always polite and willing to help and communicates well with our team keeping us informed of what happens on the ground so that we can best support clients.

Well done Ben and we are now looking for another wonderful Communication Professional to award for April 2014!

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