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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hearing Link - who are they?

Hearing Link is a UK organisation striving to help those suffering from hearing loss. Discover how you can involved by reading on... 

Hearing Link was formerly known as Hearing Concern LINK; it was formed in the year 2008 due to a merger between two giant national organisations, the Hearing Concern and the LINK centre for Deafened People.

The name was changed from Hearing concern LINK to Hearing Link in January 2011.

Hearing Link is a UK based organisation exclusively involved with people suffering from hearing loss and their families.  The organisation also conducts intensive training programs for people with hearing loss. These programs last for a period of five days and involve around eight people, providing participants with lots of useful information and an opportunity for them to answer all the questions they have.

Hearing Link’s Vision

Hearing Link provides an opportunity for people with hearing loss to gain skills and confidence.  It is an organisation that focuses on overcoming challenges, both practical and emotional and aid people in finding the specialist services that they need.  

Events at Hearing Link

Some of the latest courses they have planned in the coming months include:

A seminar in February giving advice about various hearing aids aimed at people with a hearing loss.

In March, April and May – there are a number of training sessions covering topics such as living an independent life, gaining confidence, self-management, etc.  These sessions are led by trainers who themselves have a hearing loss.

In March, there is a large event, which is the International Congress of Late and sudden deafened. Click here to find out more

How can the public actively participate in making the visions of the Hearing Link a success?

There are a number of ways to get involved, from taking part in the training on offer, tasking on a role as a Volunteer, donating or leaving a legacy.

The whole range of activities can be found on their website: 

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