terptree: terptree's 3rd event for Communication Professionals: grins of happiness at terptree HQ in celebration of an exceptionally successful event!

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

terptree's 3rd event for Communication Professionals: grins of happiness at terptree HQ in celebration of an exceptionally successful event!

terptree's 3rd event for Communication Professionals: grins of happiness at terptree HQ in celebration of an exceptionally successful event!

 terptree's event - crowd watching presenter
So, how are we feeling at terpree HQ after such a successful event last Thursday?

"still actually buzzing from Thursday night!"
"it was a great evening"
"thrilled to see the benefits that an event like this brings"

HMS terptree really set sail for our third event for Communication Professionals right in the heart of London.  On arriving back in the office on Friday morning, the amazing emails, phonecalls, and Facebook and twitter comments from you all that came pouring in confirmed that these events continue to be a great success.

Here is how you felt us the day after:

Photo of Esther Thomas, Daniel Roberts and Victoria Williamss  Esther Thomas, Interpreter RSLI
  Big thank you to terptree for an
  amazing evening!  An agency who
  puts on a free event (social and
  training) just to say thank you!  I
  am well impressed.

  Lynne Dubin, Lipspeaker
  Thank you so much for the great evening last night. Not only the superb venue, (free) drink and food but also a very interesting introduction and overview to working in the testing environment that mental health services provides for all professional groups.

Another so useful aspect of these evenings that you provide for us all is the opportunity to network with people we would otherwise not meet at all or only on the job without time to have real conversations.

terptree's event - crowd minglingChristof Niklaus, Deaf Interpreter
Thank you terptree for a great night at your event for Communication Professionals on board the R.S. Hispaniola, which was a great experience.

Susan O'Rourke gave a great insight into many of the issues relating to mental health and deafness which
was very interesting and relevant to BSL Interpreters and deaf relay interpreters.  A real eye opener that was. Look forward to the next one, be it on land or water!

What happened on the night!

A total of over 70 Communication Professionals attended this event, almost tripling the number of people that came to our event less than 6 months earlier.  It was fantastic to see some new faces and to catch up with the existing people we know and love.

terptree's guests were welcomed aboard R.S. Hispaniola by our very own Claire; and then off into the boat to spend some time catching up with one another.  A great opportunity to network, see old friends and meet new colleagues too.

Then on to enjoy welcome drinks and a buffet before being seated for the presentations of the evening.

Victoria presenting at the event  Victoria opened the event by saying
  that one of her goals when setting
  up terptree back in 2006, was to
  offer free opportunities for gaining
  CPD, networking and supporting
  one another. She explained that
  she was touched to see so many
  Communication Professionals in
  attendance who clearly feel the same.

Victoria talked about the fact that this event is unique in the sense that it is open to the whole range of Communication Professionals who work with deaf people.  She remarked upon the distance that some had traveled to attend - Worcestershire, Somerset, Manchester and Staffordshire to name a few!

She talked about current projects at terptree and also stressed the importance of Communication Professionals getting in touch and telling us what terptree can do for you!

The Globe tickets giveaway

Photo of Globe Theatre  Marion Quemby won our free giveaway of 4
  tickets to see the Deafinitely Theatre
  production of 
Midsummer Night’s Dream at
  The Globe
, London on Friday 6 June 2014 at
  The terptree team will be going with Marion and
  friends - so if you have tickets for the performance on Friday 6 June - let us know and we will meet you there!

Sue O'Rourke, Clinical Psychologist and newly-registered Interpreter RSLI 

Photo of Sue O'Rourke  Before starting her presentation,
  Sue gave a touching tribute to Nick
  When Sue was a new trainee back
  around 1989, Nick was a
  Consultant, being Sue's first
  Psychiatrist to work with.  Nick very
  sadly passed away unexpectedly,
  with his funeral on the day of our
  event - so Sue dedicated her
  presentation to him.  She joked that
  Nick taught her that it is OK to have
  profound disagreements with
  someone and still like them and go
  to the pub with them afterwards!

When talking about her recent registration as RSLI - she talked about her new found empathy, now realising just how hard it is!

Sue then went on to give us a thorough overview of what a Communication Professional should expect on considering to work within mental health settings and why working in mental health is not right for everyone.  She informed attendees about the range of services available to deaf people and explained the differences between working in a specialist deaf service compared to a mainstream service.

It was fascinating to learn about the range of common mental health problems and what affects these have on deaf people compared with hearing people, especially when experiencing hallucinations.

Our guests remarked upon the excellent guest speaker and we would personally like to offer a huge thank you to Sue for giving us all your time and offering your expertise in the area of mental health and deafness.

To see more photos and feedback from the night - click here to take a look at our Facebook page.

The final thing to say is thank you for the team at terptree to all of those who attended this event to make it a success and we very much look forward to announcing details of our next event for Communication Professionals later on in the year!
                                        terptree team photo

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