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Friday, 29 August 2014

BSL Professionals love our ‘Employment’ Webinar!

If you are one of terptree’s Communication Professionals, you’ll know how we love to take care of you! Last night, we ran our first of a series of webinars to provide BSL Professionals with the toolkit necessary for many workplace domains. Last night was ‘Employment’, and the feedback we received was excellent!

Uhh, what is a Webinar ? (Yes I heard you)

A webinar is a web-based seminar. It can be a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar and it is transmitted over the web.  This means you can watch it anywhere, as long as you have a computer with internet access… and of course a link to access it!

Terptree are one of the first companies to run these for Communication Professionals, and we’ve done this based on feedback from a recent survey which showed that you’d prefer to learn at home than travel to a location that could be hours away!

Our webinar series, entitled Wednesday Webinars (last night being an exception!) gives Interpreters, lipspeakers, Speech-to-text reporters and  Notetakers some great info on what to expect and how to work effectively in these settings. Have a look our full list of webinars here.

Our Webinar subject last night was the domain of 'Employment', run by Wendy Ledeux and here is some of the feedback: 

"Very useful thank you"

"Lovely presentation, very clear thank you Wendy :-)"

"Thanks for this Webinar, first time for me and thought it to be a very good experience"

"Thanks Victoria and Wendy.  I have enjoyed my first Webinar and look forward to attending some more"

Victoria Williams, Director of terptree and RSLI said that there were many things that she would take away from the Webinar presented by Wendy (pictured above).

"Thank you for your excellent Webinar Wendy, your suggestions of rick lists for new clients along with the idea of selling the benefits of prep to the Deaf person so that they can see how it will benefit them throughout the interaction was great!  Also a great insight into what can be achieved through using backchannelling."

If you want to view a recording of the Webinar - we can send you it! Just get in touch with us at interpreting@terptree.co.uk or call us on 01635 886264.

Additionally If you want to sign up to one or all of our Communication Professional Webinars, please check out the full list of domains and dates here!

You won’t be disappointed in what you will learn! :)

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