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Monday, 21 December 2015

Last Minute Christmas Shopping!

So it’s the 21st of December, only 4 days until Christmas, how exciting! All the presents are bought, just need to wrap them and place them under the tree.

You do have all the presents right?

What if you don’t?!
OK, Ok. Don’t panic!

There’s so little time:
  •           What presents do I buy?
  •           What if they’re out of stock?
  •           Will I have enough time?
  •           Who do I even need to buy present for again?

I need a shot of coffee, it’s going to be a manic dash to ‘save’ Christmas!

Chill….. It doesn’t have to be stressful. We here at terptree have got your back with these neat little present ideas for all of the family, friends and acquaintances alike J:


Our 1st gift ideas go to the most important lady in our lives and what better way to say you love her than this portable wineglass:

A bargain at under £10 from online store prezzybox

If you think this whole Christmas lark is a nightmare, try being a mum!

And if that’s not your mum’s cup of tea (or should I say wine), then we have a selection of Yankee candles:

Whether you’re after a Christmas scent, a flowery scent or that summer holiday feel, Yankee Candle has you sorted!

Ranging from small to large candles at a cost of £8.99 - £21.99

Can be purchased from a number of places including the official Yankee Candle website, Amazon, Clinton Cards and Boots among other stores.

A perfect gift for any mum this Christmas!


All Dads need to keep their strength up for that all important turkey carving. Let’s show that awesome Dad will all know and love, how much we care! His powers are fleeting, his energy is slowly draining away. He needs a quirky, affordable Christmas present to get him back to the height of his powers!

Introducing the man bowl:

Costing around the £12.99 mark from various online retailers

If there’s a dad (or any man for that matter) that doesn’t like his food or a silly gift then what sort of man is he?

But what if your dad doesn’t have time to sit and eat from his man bowl, what present do you get him? Well if your dad is always on the go and always looking for adventure then look no further than:

An Adventure Gift such as:

- A Bungee Jump
- Indoor Skydiving 
- Supercar Driving

Prices vary depending on the activity and can be purchased through various sites.

It is sure to be an experience your dad will never forget!


It can be hard to buy for older relatives anytime of the year, but what do you get them at Christmas?

They either have everything they need, don’t give you a single idea or feel they no longer can utilise many gifts. Growing old is a part of life and it can be a struggle. So what better way to save them a task (+ have some fun!) than a self stirring mug?:

At just £10 your grandparents will love this novelty gift. It’s come from their grandchild after all they can’t hate it!

Something a little simpler won’t go a miss either such as:

- A nice warm scarf for nanny
- A cosy pair of socks for grandad


Now you love your girlfriend but buying gifts for her can be a treacherous task. What on earth do you get her?
You don’t want to end up in the dog house now do you!

So just keep it together and take a look at our ideas. You don’t have to be made of money to make her happy!

So let’s take a look at Christmas ideas for the girlfriend:

- A Photo Album

- Something You Can Do Together

There’s nothing girls love more than making memories with their boyfriend:

- Does she love cooking? Book a cooking class together
- Does she always mention her love of dancing? Book a tango lesson together 
- Does she go on and on and on..... about Taylor Swift? Well you guessed it! That's right, buy tickets for you to 'enjoy' the concert together

You could be different and try a pottery class or a Segway rally. It’s all down to what your girl is like, you know her better than anyone so just follow your intuition. Remember, it may be Christmas but the present doesn’t have to be experienced on the day.


Buying for guys shouldn’t be difficult at all, a couple of quirky novelty gifts and you’re set;

- A 6 pack beer belt
- Something relating to their favourite sports team
- Something related to video games
- A whacky lava lamp

Anything a bit different and humorous from the rest and you’ll have a happy boyfriend this Christmas!

Brothers/Sisters (Step)/Friends

Buying gifts for siblings and friends can be a little tricky, how serious or quirky do you go? What if they’ve already got/are getting the present you planned on getting? What if they don’t like it?

Well, as they say, it’s the thought that counts, so anything you think may benefit them or they will enjoy will see you onto a winner.

- Girls

Many a female friends are glued to their phones and what better way to show you care than to let them ignore you in all weather conditions without compromising their health with the smart gloves. No longer will they have to bare the cold as they remove their gloves to text their boyfriend, check Facebook or send a selfie!

- Guys

Guy friends can be a little harder to buy for, since you can rarely go soppy on them and the gifts you’d like they rarely agree with. So what do you do?
Well the safest bet is to go humorous (taking into account their sense of humour) or quirky.

Do they like video games? Get them a Pac-Man ghost light
Do they like Star Wars? Get them a lightsaber barbeque tong

The key here is to just find a gift you know they’ll appreciate that they can’t just find in any old retailer.

Deaf People

What do you get a Deaf person?
Well for starters the same thing as everyone else, anything they may like.

- Since Netflix now has roughly 80% of its programmes with close captioning, getting a Netflix gift card would be a wonderful gift

- Any cool Sign Language badges, fridge magnets and anything else deaf related that shows your support and understanding.

Secret Santa

- Guys

Once again, anything humorous should be fine:

- Glow in the dark toilet roll
- A sat nag (nav) nagging system
- Miracle hair growth soap

Cheap, affordable, novelty gifts work a treat for secret Santa’s. Especially guys!

- Girls

Girls may not take as well to sly gifts but there are still plenty of low price gifts your receiver is bound to enjoy:

- Chocolate scented candles
- Pink sneaker slippers
- Ring for coffee bell

We Hope You Have Enjoyed Now Get Shopping!

With all these gifts make sure you check the prices to find the best price/deal but with time not on your side don’t dilly daddle too much!

But most of all remember that the best gift of all is free, we hope you all have a lovely Christmas with your loved ones, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you back in the New Year. Let’s all make 2016 our best year yet!

Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays) and a Happy New Year  everyone!

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